NInez (The Song) Artist: George Condos

Coming soon - the vocal version of Ninez



Verse 1

Querido amor

Dragon flies, dreams     

And a rocking horse

A gentle hand that softly held yours

Through the gardens and lanes of your home

A heart that binds them all


Verse 2

Querido amor

The day you left

They all loved you more

And everyday (they) held open the door

Two people two houses and (more)

You are the heart that binds (holds) them all


Verse 3

Querido amor

Where is forever

To the child in us all

A laugh our friends the bounce of a ball

A birthday cake and standing so tall

A heart that binds them all




All of the love

That history life and art knows

Is hidden deep in the wind that within

And without us flows

Holding and writing the name of

All of those who have loved

And in your (art)

The heart that binds them all




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