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Trouble Calling

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The music is based on an ostinato in Cm (it does not move from this chord for the entire piece!). The first part (of three) is based on a cheap paperback called "Trouble Calling" by Al Bocca, who is actually the character in the book - so the real author is unknown. In the first part, Al meets femme fatale Bobbie Dale. The scene is narrated by a very tired Al Bocca and uses some sound effects and subtle cinematic textures. The second part of the story, "This can only be trouble" is also available on the site.

My name is Al Bocca PI 'Frisco and I'm in trouble, babe trouble.


She came in the door sharp on noon and there was an air exuding from that dame thick enough to lean against. She was straining every nerve to convince me me she was heavens gift to frustrated young manhood. A dangerous glamour puss, big blue eyes staring at my two hungry cameras. A face with symmetry and features of a doll, a glistening head of well groomed dark rich lush curls, framing the oval perfection of her face. Her gown seemed to have been modelled for the express purpose of demonstrating what she would like outside it. A shape that held every promise and every warning.


Her name is Reberta Dale, Bobbi for short, and to put you in the picture of her more vital statistics; 25, 5' 5", 125 pounds and rounded to proportional perfection.


Her husband was Murray Dale, Business Conglomerate, agency to bit players and a little coffee and a little alcohol, but something is wrong,

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  • Genre Jazz
  • Length 5:21
  • ISRC AUF421000008
Published in The Music 2
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This Can Only Be Trouble

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This Can Only Be Trouble On Jango Radio


The second part of the Al Bocca trilogy. The first, "Trouble Calling" introduced the tired PI to a story of intrigue and mystery. This second part commences where the first finished, on a dirt road to a secluded property to meet ...

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  • Genre Jazz
  • Length 7:17
  • ISRC AUF421000013
Published in The Music 4
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