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NInez (The Song)

Coming soon - the vocal version of Ninez



Verse 1

Querido amor

Dragon flies, dreams     

And a rocking horse

A gentle hand that softly held yours

Through the gardens and lanes of your home

A heart that binds them all


Verse 2

Querido amor

The day you left

They all loved you more

And everyday (they) held open the door

Two people two houses and (more)

You are the heart that binds (holds) them all


Verse 3

Querido amor

Where is forever

To the child in us all

A laugh our friends the bounce of a ball

A birthday cake and standing so tall

A heart that binds them all




All of the love

That history life and art knows

Is hidden deep in the wind that within

And without us flows

Holding and writing the name of

All of those who have loved

And in your (art)

The heart that binds them all




Additional Info

  • Genre Latin
  • Length To Be Recorded 2015
  • ISRC AUF421000001
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Sunday, 31 August 2014 00:00

Change Of Fortune

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Change of Fortune on Jango Radio


The second part of this piece is a latin piece that I play solo. It has a very different feel to what is recorded here. The first part of this piece has a gentle, precise restraint, a positive fun piece.

Additional Info

  • Genre Latin
  • Length 5:10
  • ISRC AUF421000015
Published in The Music 4
Saturday, 30 August 2014 00:00


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Carlos on Jango Radio

This piece is built on the standard 'latin' chords in Am. The piece opens with a 'mexican' feel triplet theme. The sound is 'glassy' and very emotive. The main guitar is accompanied with an ornamental melody on the second acoustic guitar. After the first pass the main acoustic guitar melody plays a secondary role to the interwoven electric guitar theme that builds to a climax on the last phrase. Most requested piece I play.

Additional Info

  • Genre Latin
  • ISRC AUF421000007
Published in The Music 2
Friday, 22 August 2014 00:00

Keep Warm Bossa

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Keep Warm Bossa on Jango Radio


A latin Bossa Nova rhythm with a classic 'semi tone' drop to introduce the melody. I wrote this piece some 15 years ago and it is normally played as a solo guitar piece. The second pass of the work has some very expressive guitar work and chord structures. A favourite for many.

Additional Info

  • Genre Latin - Bossa Nova
  • Length 3:54
  • ISRC AUF421000005
Published in The Music 1
Friday, 22 August 2014 00:00


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Ninez On Jango Radio


A latin piece where the bass line lets the music flow. The melody is melancholic and very expressive and the piece opens with the sound of children playing on a beach overlaid with a short poem reflecting the care and love we have for them as they learn about themselves and the world that is theirs. Lyrics have been written and a vocal version will be recorded soon.

I felt your voice as a child laughing

I didn't know you were really there

Thinking you were a dream

Hiding in the wind, playing at my feet, pushing me along


I thought you were a dream

And now you see when I laugh it comes back to me

And I know my song will go on forever ha!

Additional Info

  • Genre Latin
  • Length 4:27
  • ISRC AUF421000001
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Thursday, 21 August 2014 00:00

Stealing You

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Stealing You On Jango Radio


Well, there I was listening to to the Gypsy Kings at a concert in Melbourne and i watched the way they formatted their cords on the guitar. At times they were playing the guitars with the high strings on the top to make the rhumba backing more percussive. They format the cords to ensure they get the feel of the 'semi tone' on every cord. So the chordal structure to this piece can be attributed to the boys from France. The piece has a strong vocal melodic line and will be recorded as a song.

Additional Info

  • Genre Latin
  • Length 4:13
  • ISRC AUF421000002
Published in The Music 1
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