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I Speak Of Hope

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The actual music for this was written around 20 years; The musical idea is a descending chordal progression from A G# G F# F E. The way it is played solo sounds very different to the way it is presented here. The theme is repeated at the end of the piece and the first guitar solo is played in a way that you have a sense it is taking you. The poem is itself, one of hope and it is one part of humanity (for everyone) that we need to ensure our peace, prosperity and survival.

I speak of hope like a circle

Embracing you deep in a well

In sight

The light of liberty

Clear as a bell


I speak of hope like a poverty

A morsel held in a cupped hand


The bones of promise

Filling this land


I speak of hope like a fire

Quiet ambition holding the spark


Your fantasy and vision

Conquer the dark


I speak of hope like a justice

A basic right for all and one


Aspiration and trust

Not fighting like the vacant stare of a gun

Additional Info

  • Genre Rhythm & Blues
  • Length 4:37
  • ISRC AUF421000010
Published in The Music 3
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